About the author

Hello and welcome to my travel page. On this page I have gathered all travel-related stuff that used to be on my ordinary homepage. It's convenient to give the address to this site when people ask for recommendations. I have a personal home which you may find at ilpostino.no and another site which acts as a photoblog, which is pentaxianer.no. I have an account at Travelbuddy and Tripadvisor but this will always be my main site for posting travel information. I post some travel-related pictures on Instagram.

The articles about the countries I have been visiting are divided into two sections. The first section provides information regarding culture, history and how to get there and the second part gives a description about the cities I have been visiting. In addition to this site. Not long ago I discovered you could make maps on Google maps, using Google My maps. I have made quite some maps to various cities I have been to, and I will make more. I keep these maps as updated that I can. They are spread on the different articles on this but I have also gathered them on the page Einar's visual maps.  

If you want to contact me with questions use the contact me form or at Facebook.